The best massage in the world!

Massage of 5 Continents is a global energy harmonizing, detox, revitalize, stimulate the immune system, relax.
This method of care brings physical and mental letting go in an impressive way and it allows little by little to restore great confidence and a new vitality, to find the self-esteem, a great feeling of peace, joy of living and specially to balance the emotional charges.

It is a special massage which link the internal healing energy with the universal energy!
The Massage of 5 Continents unite several massage techniques from around the world, like Lomi Lomi, Californian, Swedish, Tuina, Ayurvedic, used specific essential oils and the energy power of magnetism.


75 min | €95

Relaxing Body Massage

Massage contributes to a sense of well-being, in part because it encourages the body to release “feel-good” hormones like serotonin and oxytocin. For a Full Body Holistic Massage, the lower underwear remains on & towels are provided for draping. Only the part of your body being massaged will be undraped, ensuring that your modesty is always respected.

90 mins | €80

One Area Massage

This massage focuses on the body area of your choice, This can be the upper back, legs, or shoulders. It used to relieve pain or tension in the part of the body that causes you the most trouble. The chosen area is worked to relive tension build up and soothe sore and tired muscles.

Back only / anti-cellulite legs only / face and scalp only

35 mins | €40

Back, Face & Scalp Massage

This type of massage is a stress-relieving wonder that works on the muscle tissues of the neck, shoulders, scalp and face to relax and stimulate the body and help maintain a steady state of balance. The massage stimulates the marma (energy points) of the upper body. It is a very gentle yet deeply relaxing massage.

60 mins | €60

Hopi Ear Candling & Lymphatic Face Massage

The principal involves a hollow candle being inserted in to the ear, and then lit to create a gentle vacuum and suction which draws wax from the ear canal. This process is excellent for the treatment of sinus problems, headaches, ear ache and head and neck tension. The lymphatic system is improved by this pleasant, completely painless method of local heat application. Hopi ear candling can reduce stress and anxiety, improve hearing, relieve earaches, treat rhinitis and improve both mood and mentality.

45 mins | €45

Malay Navel Candling & Abdominal Detox Massage

Navel Candles is an effective treatment to relieve the body of flatulence, stomach-ache, endocrine disorder, and digestive problems. The Malays believe that the navel is the centre of life force, the navel is the thinnest part of the abdominal wall, since there is no fatty tissue, this area is more sensitive to external stimuli. The candle ingredients diffuse in all directions through the navel to circulate internally and give warmth to the internal body and improve general health condition & improve health. Abdominal massage is highly effective at removing obstructions and restoring the natural flow.

If you suffer from digestive, menstrual, fluid retention or stomach stress condition, this treatment is ideal for you.

45 mins | €45


Malay Navel Candling + Ear Candling
60 min and up / €75

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The lymph fluid is full of toxins and waste produced by the bodily tissue. If this fluid builds up in a particular area it can cause pain discomfort, or swelling. A lymphatic drainage massage helps move the fluid around the body.

Time can vary / from € 30 and up


Reflexology invokes the theory that nerve endings in the feet or hands connect to different areas of the body. By direct pressure on specific areas of the foot, a stimulus is sent it to the corresponding body area. This improves function in the circulatory and lymphatic system, strengthens the immune system and balances the hormones. Reflexology has an analgesic effect, creating a general feeling of well-being in mind, body and spirit.

60 mins / €60


A strong, intensive and effective procedure in eliminating the visible cellulite!

In what stage are you?

Around 90% of adult women have some cellulite and it is generally seen on the hips, buttocks, thighs, lower belly, and upper arms. This massage technique can improve the appearance of cellulite by draining excess body fluid, redistributing fat cells, improving circulation and skin appearance.
A series of weekly treatments are necessary for longer and lasting results combined with a healthy and active lifestyle.

40 min / €50

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