NOVA Massage Chair

The NOVA Massage Chair is the newest non-invasive technology from ND Clinic. It does in-depth contraction and strengthens the entire pelvic floor area muscles.

This innovative technique utilises HIFEM (High-Intensity Frequency Electromagnetic Technology) and, within 30 minutes, gives 12.000 intense contractions (like Kegel exercises). The electromagnetic field passes harmlessly while you sit, relax, are fully clothed, walk in – walk out.

The NOVA Massage Chair is a solution for men and women with pelvic floor dysfunction like weak bladder, ageing, childbirth, menopause, weight gain, excessive coughing and pelvic organ prolapses. After just a couple of sessions, the entire pelvic floor tone, strength, and quality of life improves.

It’s a completely painless procedure that feels like an intense pelvic floor workout. Overall, it’s a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment, a life-changing procedure with no downtime.
The results may vary depending on age, physical condition, and many other aspects, which can be discussed during the free consultation in the clinic.

Just sit on NOVA Chair and say NO to a weak pelvic floor.


Six treatments twice a week are recommended for optimum results.

Finance plan available